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Tested For You - Madden NFL 18

American football game: there is something for everyone, and for all ages, in this new year 2017. A short tour with the selection of this early September.

With 224 clubs and 23,000 licensed last season, American football is not, in France, a religion as is the case with Uncle Tom. We are still very far from the first national sport made in USA. But despite this, this little-known discipline is progressing. Slowly but surely.

It is on this infatuation that EA Sports putting out this year again Madden NFL 18, the new opus of his simulation of American football. From the name of John Madden, former coach and sports commentator.

As you can imagine, this new episode is once again addressed to purists. If you do not know what a quaterback or a touchdown, read again the heading of the top: the golf with the sauce arcade seems more adapted! If you like technique, play the coaches and worship the Denver Broncos without limit, you will have no choice but to put your hand to the wallet. I know, it's not easy...

Because impossible to do without this opus 2018 which juggles with modes (Arcade, Simulation and Competition), introduces an interesting story mode (you follow the path of the promising Devin Wade) and gives us full view thanks to the power of the Frosbite engine , here perfectly used. It's beautiful and realistic to chill! Lights, modeling, details ... We're asking for more.

Level gameplay, the game gains in realism: certain phases of game have been modernized (passes more precise and defense worthy of this name), the coach finally gives relevant instructions. In short, this edition has everything of the must-have for any virtual player worthy of the name. Especially since NFL partnership forces you, you will once again find all the teams, players and stadiums official of the current season. Difficult to do more realistic.

Inevitably technical, Madden NFL 18 feels good the long evenings between friends in front of the flat screen of his TV. Beer and Tuc at your fingertips. So, ready for the kickoff?

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