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Win MUT Coins By Playing Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18, the most recent edition of the game, has been added to the EA Access games vault.

As we know, many Madden fans focus primarily on Franchise mode, there’s another significant and fun playing option in Madden NFL 18 - the card-based mode, called Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). First added in Madden NFL 10, the core premise of Madden Ultimate Team is simple: Collect player cards to fill out, and create a fantasy roster that can crush any other.

Madden NFL 18 is all about building an ultimate team which will help you win in MUT. In order to buy a new player you need coins which are the in-game currency, and this guide will show you different ways to farm easy coins.

Solo challenges is easy and do not take much time to complete. Take a look at your objectives and do the easiest ones. Keep doing the easy ones until the challenges become too time-consuming and just not worth the reward. Then, play the Longshot story mode to get decent free cards. Once you have a few thousand coins, try the Auction House.

You can also rack up MUT coins by Auction House. Firstly, keep an eye on the market so whenever a player you need is going lower than usual, you can get him. If a player is going higher than usual and you have that player on your team, sell him for a good profit and use that money to buy another player or just wait for the player you sold to fall back to his average price before buying him again. 

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