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The Notable Madden Ultimate Team In Madden NFL 18

After all these years, the Madden NFL series remains an enjoyable football experience. There are some flaws to be found in this year’s Madden game that should and still need to be fixed. With a revamped story mode and tiny additions here and there, Madden NFL 18 is another successful entry to the classic football series. No matter if your favorite football team does well or not this year, you can always count Madden NFL 18 to cheer you up!

The other notable change Madden NFL 18 comes with is in Madden Ultimate Team. While the core foundation of Ultimate Team is the same, the big addition to is MUT ‘Squads’. You and two other players can team up, tackle specific roles, and compete against other MUT Squads online. The idea of collecting cards of famous football players to help improve your Ultimate Team was already addicting enough.

With the addition of MUT Squads, it makes the Ultimate Team even more rewarding. Here's a handy tip: if you think you'll be pouring your time into Ultimate Team, then complete the Longshot story mode. You get unique players for completing the story that you can use for your Ultimate Team.

EA supports its Ultimate Team modes throughout the year, but the only real way to get your team off the ground in a way that doesn't involve monotonously grinding solo games is to spend actual money on coins and buy better players yourself. The gamers can buy MUT 18 coins from the online gaming house to arrange the necessary things to personalize the players and teams. 

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